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The company of Soora Ayria Mehr (SAAMCO), by data engineering and improving the efficiency of organizations, provides a suitable platform for organizational planning and achieving the goals of the organization!
‘SAAMCO’, having enough experience, is a pioneer in business intelligence, Web mining, data mining, portal content management system, accounting software, etc.
شرکت نرم افزاری سآمکو

Capabilities of Saamco Company

Consulting and implementation of the whole process of establishing business intelligence in large organizations, including:

Design, implement and execute ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) process and create a monitoring platform.

Creating a platform for creating Ad Hoc and Self Service Analytics reports.

Improving database performance and Performance Tuning.

Design, implementation and maintenance of Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Design and implementation of data warehouse according to the business and needs of the organization with maximum efficiency.

Create a platform for creating routine corporate reports and sending them to corporate clients in the form of Email, SMS or viewing them in the form of each user's personal dashboard.

Building mobile dashboards that give managers the ability to access the information they need on their mobile phone or tablet to run a business anytime and anywhere.

Creating a data mining platform and creating forward-looking analyzes to predict referral trends and systems

Development of various types of Cross Platform applications with .net core, including mobile, desktop and console applications, web applications, etc.

Build Interactive Dashboards with 360 degree monitoring and monitoring of all organizational processes with the ability to monitor trends and comparative dashboards Actual vs. Target, making KPI dashboards Watch List Score Card, strategy wheel, strategy tree.

Create a platform where each user, according to their access level, is only able to see the part of the information and dashboards that they are allowed to see.

Technology Information and Software

Building location-based analyzes that can be used in order to have a better plan for geolocation-related indicators and anything related to geolocation. Such as: business distribution map, natural areas, vegetation-biological cover, population coverage, roads, geographical features, commercial and industrial centers, etc. For example, locating the construction and commissioning of new sites, optimal routing, monitoring and Optimal routing and location of pipelines and energy transfer, etc.

"Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.”
Freeman Dyson