Soora Ayria Mehr at a glance

The Soora Aria Mehr (SAAMCO) company is a company to increase, develop, and implementation of valuable academic researches of professors of faculty in the case of one pioneer complex that is shaped by software technology and artificial intelligence. Paying attention to the amount of data stored in database and web information sources is increasing and getting more valuable, and on the other hand, the increasing speed and focus in data analyzing, and is proving that automatic exploring of knowledge is needed. However, other Iranian companies instead of using the technology that has been released from out of the country, SAAMCO is trying to work the opposite way of them by relying on Innovation and research to answer most of the questions and needs of big and official companies with remarkable success.

مشاوره رایگان با شرکت سآمکو
درباره سآمکو (سورا آیریا مهر)

What are our team skills?

Design and Implementation of data models
Doing projects that are relied on data converting
Design and Implementation that rely on database
Analyze, Design and Implementation of the projects relied on Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DW & BI)
Counseling in the way of function improvement of the Database and doing the process related to Performance Tuning
Counselling in the way of functional improvement of the Queries and PL/SQL programs

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